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    • 2022 LIVE Virtual Course: How to Pick Winners from the Latest New Technologies

The Global Renaissance of Commerce

The Pandemic of 2020 – 2022 has created a massive acceleration of the following NEW TECHNOLOGIES which will be presented by Martha Stokes CMT in the TechniTrader Virtual Course 2022:

Integrated Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Machine Learning
Decentralization of Industry, Finance, Monetary Systems
Distributed Ledger Technology Phase 2 and Phase 3
Supply Chain Platooning
Meta Verse Technologies, MetaMask Technology
Crypto Technologies
The Internet of Behaviors
Hyper Automation
Extended Reality (advanced virtual reality technologies)
Quantum Computing technologies
Enhanced Connectivity Technologies
Voice as User Interface (VUI) aka Voice Recognition, Facial Expression Recognition
Net Neutrality
Advanced Dark Data Mining
Personalization Internet technologies

It is not just computing technology but the integration of all of these technologies into the global social, governmental, corporate and financial structures everywhere...A Global Renaissance of Commerce. 

This course is the ONLY place where Martha's research into the latest new technologies, and the companies bringing them to market, will be offered. This is your opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. 

Here's what you get with this course

  • Live Training & Video Recording

    The LIVE virtual classroom training on Saturday, January 15, 2022 will be from 9 am to 1 pm Pacific. That means you get approximately 4 hours of video to study for 1 year.

  • New Technology Watchlists

    Attendees receive watchlists of the public stocks and private companies in each of the New Technologies that Martha is presenting her research on.

  • Resources for Further Research

    Martha will provide some research resources where you can study further into the technologies you're most interested in.