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Provides technical and cyclical analysis to aid in understanding the growth factors and relationships between the economy, sectors and industries within each sector.

  • Learn which industries contain the latest new technologies that are moving to the market acceptance phase.

  • Get a list of the top companies in each major growth industry.

  • Includes Martha's latest outlook for the Economy & the Stock Market.

  • Searchable reference guide divided into chapters, easy to find topics of interest.

Content Outline

    1. How to use this report

    2. Overview of the Financial Markets 2023

    3. Economic Conditions and Outlook

    1. Super Sectors: Defensive, Cyclical and Sensitive

    2. Analysis of the Sectors

    1. Introduction to the Analysis of the US Industry Indexes

    2. The Industrial Sector Industries

    3. Healthcare Sector Industries

    4. Technology Sector Industries Part 1

    5. Technology Sector Industries Part 2

    6. Summary of the Technology Sector Industries

    1. Study of the Annual Sector & Industry Report

  • Includes Data from Industry Reports
  • Discussions Enabled

Written by

CMT, CEO, Head Instructor Martha Stokes

Martha's life's work in her retirement years is to pass her decades of knowledge and experience in the markets onto her dedicated TechniTrader students. Martha Stokes CMT is a retired professional Buy-Side Analyst. She is a member of the CMT Association and earned the Chartered Market Technician designation with her thesis, “Cycle Evolution Theory.” She is a prolific author, having created over 40 stock market courses that include new, unique analyses: Relational Technical Analysis, Market Condition Analysis, and Spatial Pattern Recognition. Her focus for long-term investments is emerging displacement technologies that will have a significant impact on society, the economy, and the stock market. Martha ran a successful fund, has sat on both sides of the Venture Capital table, worked on an IPO, and has taught at several community colleges. Martha's articles can be found all around the web, i.e., Proactive Advisor Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, the CMT Association,, eZine and more.