You Will Learn:

  • Cycle theory from the foremost modern cycle theorist. Martha's CMT thesis is not available anywhere else outside of the CMT Association.

  • How to analyze and use long-term cycles to improve your investing and trading prowess.

  • How to use a Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) and On Balance Volume (OBV).

Martha’s groundbreaking theory on Cycle Evolution is now offered to students in an Online Elective Course format. 

This is your opportunity to learn the Cycle Evolution Theory that won Martha her Chartered Market Technician’s certification. It became the cornerstone of new cycle theory in the years after it was published by the then Market Technicians Association, now the CMT Association. Never before had any thesis submission to the Association been approved so rapidly or garnered such attention and controversy.

Now you can learn her cycle analysis theory hands-on in one of the most fascinating and in-depth Online Elective Courses offered by TechniTrader. This is a rare opportunity to learn Martha’s Cycle Theory.

You will learn how to use this cycle analysis for your investing in 2023 and beyond as well as to identify extreme patterns important for short-term trading.

There will be a private mentoring session for attendees after the 8 weeks. 

Seating is limited due to the popularity of this amazing course on cycles. Register early to reserve your seat!

Starts November 9, 2022

    1. How to take your course

    1. Introduction to Cycle Theory

    1. Cycle Analysis Indicators: Detrended Price Oscillators and OBV

    1. How to Identify Evolutionary Abnormal Cycle Patterns Using Technical Analysis

    2. Course Notes - Week 3

    3. Quiz #1: Weeks 1-3

    1. Cycle Deviations and How to Recognize Them

    2. Course Notes - Week 4

    1. Incorporating Cycle Theory and Analysis into Your Technical Analysis Process

    2. DPO and OBV Homework Answers from Week 2

About this course

  • $795.00
  • 16 lessons

This Course Includes

  • Weekly Lessons

    8 weeks of written lectures are accompanied by course notes for additional training to augment the weekly lesson material.

  • Charting Tools

    You get new chart templates with the indicator combinations studied in the course lessons and notes. For any charting program.

  • On-lesson Discussions

    Ask questions from the lessons you need help understanding. Discussion between students is welcome too.