TSV Course

For All Trading Styles

TSV is the most leading indicator for short-term trading. This course also provides important training on using additional sub-indicators, like ROC and %B, to help you better anticipate what price is most likely to do next. Don't miss your opportunity to expand your analysis skills this year! You can enroll anytime during the semester.

This Course Includes

  • Weekly Lessons

    8 weeks of written lectures are accompanied by course notes for chart pattern examples from the current market and additional training for new developments in the market.

  • Charting Tools

    You get 4 new scans and 11 chart templates with the indicator combinations studied in the course lessons and notes. For TC2000 charting software.

  • On-lesson Discussions

    Ask questions from the lessons you need help understanding. Discussion between students is welcome too. Martha provides answers to questions in the weekly course notes.

    1. Course Instructions - READ ME FIRST

    1. Time Segmented Volume: The Indicator

    1. Your TechniTrader Tools, Timeframes & Periods for TSV Analysis

    2. Course Notes Week 2

    1. TSV with Other Primary Indicators - MoneyStream, %B

    2. Course Notes Week 3

    1. TSV with Price Rate of Change Using EMA vs. ROC Sub-indicator

    2. Course Notes Week 4

    1. Volume Bars and BOP with TSV​

    2. Course Notes Week 5

About this course

  • $795.00
  • 16 lessons

Student Feedback

Here's what some of our students have had to say about the Time Segmented Volume Indicator Study.

  • After completing the ME10 class, I completed the fall TSV Online Class which was excellent... Altogether, I'm very happy with the resources TechniTrader provides which I think are excellent overall. I especially like how you use TC2000 as a platform. I used it for over 10 years but only since meeting TechniTrader have come to see the wood through trees so to speak. Thanks, John A.

  • I just want to thank you for the TSV course that you put together. It definitely was challenging to learn, especially the ROC indicator. I cannot believe the difference in my knowledge and ability that I have gained in the last year. Thanks again, Roger M.

  • Well, wow and terrific! I had been thinking, after the ME10 course, DGES, and various Labs, perhaps the Indicator Series would be just too much good stuff. Oh, no. This Indicator Series utilizing TC2000 ups the confidence level of my choice of stocks I select to trade from my watchlist. Always grateful, Cathy G.

Your Instructor

CMT, CEO, Head Instructor Martha Stokes

Martha's life's work in her retirement years is to pass her decades of knowledge and experience in the markets onto her dedicated TechniTrader students. Martha Stokes CMT is a retired professional Buy-Side Analyst. She is a member of the CMT Association and earned the Chartered Market Technician designation with her thesis, “Cycle Evolution Theory.” She is a prolific author, having created over 40 stock market courses that include new, unique analyses: Relational Technical Analysis, Market Condition Analysis, and Spatial Pattern Recognition. Her focus for long-term investments is emerging displacement technologies that will have a significant impact on society, the economy, and the stock market. Martha ran a successful fund, has sat on both sides of the Venture Capital table, worked on an IPO, and has taught at several community colleges. Martha's articles can be found all around the web, i.e., Proactive Advisor Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, the CMT Association, Stockcharts.com, eZine and more.