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    1. Study Guide - Video 1 Charts

    2. Intro: Relational Analysis, Dark Pools, Price Patterns for Position Trading

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 1

    1. Study Guide - Video 2 Charts

    2. Short-term Bottoms, Entry Signals, Platforms, Support, Resistance, Tops, Gaps

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 2

    1. Study Guide - Video 3 Charts

    2. Indicators, Target Gain Potential, Estimating Hold Time, Stop Losses

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 3

    1. Study Guide - Video 4 Charts

    2. Fundamental Analysis, Institutional Ownership, Financial Analysis & Indicators

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 4

    1. Study Guide - Video 5 Charts

    2. Watchlists, Analysis Checklist, News, Exit Strategies, Intermediate-term Corrections

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 5

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Student Feedback

Thanks again, for teaching Position Trading. What Martha teach works great. Again thanks for great teaching you guys do for us. Great to be your Student, and to have great TechniTrader teachers. 

--Slawomir P.

I would like to say a quick thank you to everyone at TechniTrader. I am 6 for 8 or 75% successful. --Alan R.

4 star rating

The Definitive Guide to Position Trading

Joe Jamison

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