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Student Reviews

I spent the weekend devouring the DGMC (Definitive Guide to Market Corrections) course. The course brought a lot of clarity and confidence in believing what the charts show for the downtrend...The DGMC is a great course!  --Tyrone P.

The course was excellent. And finally, everything is starting to "sink in." --Carolyn F.

I have finished the course...I am going to review it again. Lovely material and very timely. --Michael C.

I must say the course was absolutely outstanding, as are all the courses. They are packed with great information. --Eileen G.

I have completed the DGMC...I enjoyed the course and felt it was very well done. --Ron M. 

We thought the DGMC was a fantastic course!!  We learned so much!  We can’t wait to practice with the Scans and Chart Templates. --Linda G.

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