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    2. Video 3: Options Terminology

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About this course

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TechniTrader® Options Trading Course

The Modern Methodology & Process for Trading Options

The Modern Methodology for Trading Options Course covers every new aspect of the options market and how to trade options in our modern, multi-venue, fully automated stock market with a simplified professional approach.

Prerequisite: Methodology Essentials Course. Trading basics are not covered in this course.

This course covers:

Options Trading Styles – Premium Trading with Long Calls & Puts, Leveraging and Hedging or Mitigating Portfolio Risk.

How each Market Participant group uses options, which is critical in today's fully automated, multi-venue market.

Options Price Improvement Auctions and how they affect your option trading Options terminology.

The truth behind the Black-Scholes Pricing Model for options.

How to use the stock chart to determine: the best stock for your option trading, the best strike price, risk analysis, time value analysis, run gain potential, the time required to meet the target price.

The best order types to use for trading options for controlling your entries.

The course includes:

10 Videos

10 Quizzes

Options Calculators - Calls and Puts

Options Trading Journal

Charting Tools designed for option trading

Recommended options brokers, Options Traders Resources

Matrix of Strategies, Market Conditions & Risk

Matrix of Market Conditions to Options Trading Styles

TechniTrader's Modern Methodology & Process for Trading Options takes the guesswork out of option trading.

You will learn how options and the tools used to study them have evolved. This will help you understand how, when, where, and why to use options to achieve your trading goals. You will gain a deeper understanding of the options market: all of its products, the market participants who use options and how they use them, plus the market conditions that will affect option trades.

No one else teaches options from the inside out like this.

Our instructors have been on the floor of major options markets and have worked with market makers and professionals to create this one-of-a-kind options course.

Who will benefit from this course:

  • Day Traders who want to premium trade options as an alternative to day trading stocks. Options dramatically lower the risk of day trading.
  • Swing and Momentum traders who want to premium trade options as an alternative to swing trading stocks. You will learn the NEW premium swing style trading of options that lowers risk, increases profits and makes option trading simple and fun to do.
  • Position Traders: Finally, a brand-new approach to entering a position style trade before the stock completes its bottom. This lowers risk and provides far more opportunities for you. Position traders use options for leveraging into a stock and to lower risk, for higher position trade income.
  • Long Term Portfolio Investors: Now you can learn how to use the safest lowest-risk options for mitigating the risk of a bear market or intermediate term correction of your long term held stocks. You will learn how to hedge against losses and how to use low-cost options contracts as insurance against overall market risk factors.
  • 401K and Mutual Fund Investors: You will learn how to use options to mitigate losses in your long-term portfolio when the broad market corrects and how to hedge as an insurance policy against sudden unexpected downtrends.

Student Reviews

"The Options Trading Course material was laid out in a wonderfully sequential form and built nicely upon itself. The time spent assembling this content was apparent and made consuming the information as easy as it possibly could be.  --Austin M.

The course was very helpful for my Options Trading. Thanks for the great courses. Warmest Regards. --Edward B. 

I just wanted to thank TechniTrader. You guys are wonderful...I received my Options Course materials the other day. I've never experienced so much support from any other company I've ever dealt with. You all at TechniTrader go above and beyond to help Students. Again, I appreciate everything you all have done for me. Sincerely. --Tracy W. 

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