Course curriculum

    1. How to take your course

    2. RTA1 Video 1 Notebook

    3. Video1: Introduction to Relational Technical Analysis

    4. Test Your Learning: Video 1

    1. RTA1 Video 2 Notebook

    2. Video2: The Market Participant Cycle

    3. Test Your Learning: Video 2

    1. RTA1 Video 3 Notebook

    2. Video 3: Technical Analysis Terms - Price Patterns

    3. Test Your Learning: Video 3

    1. RTA1 Video 4 Notebook

    2. Video 4: Retracements & Corrections

    3. Test Your Learning: Video 4

    1. RTA1 Video 5 Notebook

    2. Video 5: Support, Resistance, Bottoms & Tops

    3. Test Your Learning: Video 5

    1. RTA1 Video 6 Notebook

    2. Video 6: Short- to Intermediate-Term bottoms, Tops & Gap Patterns

    3. Test Your Learning: Video 6

About this course

  • $2,400.00 first payment, $300.00 / year onwards
  • 45 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content
  • Cancel ongoing access anytime

Inside the course

  • SPRS Development

    Take your technical analysis skills to the next level by learning to understand WHO is in control of the price action.

  • Candlesticks & Indicators

    Learn to recognize the footprints of the Dark Pools & Pro Traders so you can trade ahead of the High Frequency Traders.

  • Scans & Support

    This course comes with scans to help you locate strong trading opportunities plus ongoing support.

Reviews from Students of the Course

  • If you want to understand the complex and interrelated dynamics of the market to be a more astute trader, this course is for you. It is a masters degree in a logical presentation of relational technical analysis. Highly recommended. -- Rusty D.

  • Excellent course and this one is my favorite of all so for. Relational Analysis course goes deeper into the analysis, not in a difficult way, and clears up a lot of misunderstandings. Much clarity has come from Relational Analysis. I took Relational Analysis before Swing Trading or Short trading, and I don't regret it. I highly recommend Relational Analysis before taking any other course because you'll have more thorough understanding of dark pools and charts. I believe it'll provide a strong base foundation for all other courses. Rated 5 out of 5 . --James H.

  • Excellent -very valuable in bringing it all together. -- Joel B.

  • "The TechniTrader Relational Technical Analysis course was not only a great refresher, it helped make things so much clearer when looking at charts from the Relational Analysis perspective. Seeing it from the dominant Market Participant (Group) at the time is very insightful." -- Alan S.

  • "I recently purchased the Relational Technical Analysis Course and am having so much fun studying the course while applying it the charts! Such a great investment! Thank you." -- Jeremy S

  • "The RTA course certainly helped with support and resistance along with understanding the hybrid indicators. I use TC2000 as my charting software. Taking the RTA course helped to understand and feel more knowledgeable about Balance of Power, Money Stream and Time Segmented Volume. Understanding the different market participants, Dark Pools, HFT's, Pro-Traders, and the lonely retail traders. Thank you." -- Bruce L.

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