Course curriculum

    1. Instructions for the course

    1. Video 1 Notebook

    2. Intro: Terminology, Trading Conditions, Swing Trading Styles

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 1

    1. Video 2 Notebook

    2. Market Conditions, Market Participants, Short-term Bottoming & Topping Patterns

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 2

    1. Video 3 Notebook

    2. Trends, Trendline Patterns, Support & Resistance for Swing

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 3

    1. Video 4 Notebook

    2. Buy Entry Signals, Advanced Variations, Sandwich, Nesting

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 4

    1. Video 5 Notebook

    2. Sell Short Signals, Advanced Variations, Exit Signals, Buy Zones, Retracements & Rebounds

    3. Test Your Learning - Video 5

About this course

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Reviews from Students of this Course

I started on the ST [swing trading] course and love it, thank you.  I figured out how to make a Dark Pool watch list, thanks to Martha’s morning report a while back.  After 1:00 I open the Institutional scan and flag all the symbols.  Three hours later I open it again and copy out all the unflagged, new additions to another watch list of Dark Pool activity.  It’s all happening.

In times like this, it’s very fortunate to have knowledge and tools like TechniTrader. 

Thank you.

– Leny F.

I am writing to let you know that I have finished ALL of your courses! It has been an amazing learning experience and I will do all the courses again to refresh. I am looking forward to the turbulent market ahead and what to look for. Thank you for all you do! TechniTrader is a wonderful company and I am so happy I found you.


– Steve S.

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